A Short Rest is the third chapter of J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit.


Gandalf, Bilbo, and the Dwarves arrive at Rivendell and stay for a fortnight. Elrond studies the swords that the party has collected from the troll cave, and tells Gandalf that they are ancient Elvish weapons, and also discovers Moon-letters written upon Gandalf's map.


The Company continues to travel towards the Lonely Mountain, but without story-telling nor songs. Bilbo notices a mountain and asks if it is the Lonely Mountain, but Balin replies otherwise, saying they are approaching the Misty Mountains.

As they travel, trees change to beech and oak, and Bilbo notices the scent of Elves. They hear a group singing among the trees. Some of the Elves recognize Bilbo and welcome the Company, but others tease Thorin, as dwarves and elves don't always get along. Gandalf dismisses the laughing Elves and continue their way into Rivendell.

The Company arrives at the Last Homely House, where Elrond greets them. He tells Gandalf and Thorin about their swords found back in the trolls' cave. Orcrist was made in Gondolin and was called the Goblin-cleaver while Glamdring was called the Foe-hammer, and was used by the king of Gondolin. Elrond tells them that the trolls might have plundered the swords. Thorin decides to keep Orcrist, so that it may cleave Goblins once again.

Lord Elrond asks for the map and gazes long at it. He remarks that the letters in the map are moon-letters, letters that cannot be seen unless the light of the moon shines behind it. Elrond translates the message in the map as: "Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks and the setting sun with the last light if Durin's Day will shine upon the keyhole." Durin's day is the first day of the dwarves' new year (the first day of the last moon of Autumn on the threshold of Winter).

When no more messages are found in the map, Elrond gives it back to Thorin. The next day, the Company leaves Rivendell and head towards the Misty Mountains.


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Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the Company are chased by Warg-scouts and Gandalf leads them to safety. The Warg-scouts, on the other hand, are hunted and killed by the Elves of Rivendell, led by Elrond himself. Lindir welcomes the Company as Elrond provides food and shelter for them. Galadriel is also present, along with Saruman, who are there for the meeting of the White Council.

Songs and VersesEdit

  1. What are you doing, and where are you going?

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