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This article is for the Movie character. For Éomer's second-in-command see: Éothain.

Éothain was a young Rohirrim during the War of the Ring.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit


Éothain and his sister Freda

Éothain is played by Sam Comery in the film The Two Towers, and is a character only canon to the movie continuity, along with his mother Morwen and sister Freda.

Éothain and his sister are sent on a horse by their mother Morwen to alert Théoden that the Wild Men are gallivanting through Rohan, burning villages. Éothain and Freda arrive shortly after Théodred's funeral, and Éothain was seen fainting, falling from the horse. The siblings are kept in Edoras until they arrive Helm's Deep shortly after the Warg attack and are reunited with their mother.

In the books, the older Éothain was a rider in Eomer's Eored and apparently acted as Eomer's second-in-command. He scoffs at the idea of Halflings even existing, and openly speaks out - twice - against the three hunters (Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli) being given horses. It is not known if he was at the battles of Helm's Deep or the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.


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